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Our Story


My name is Allie and I am the founder of OopsieBaby Products. I am an Emergency Room Registered Nurse, a certified labor and delivery Doula, a former EMT, and am enamored by all things birth related. 


I am also a lover of all things travel. So much so that I took a two year hiatus from medicine in 2018 to become a flight attendant with a major airline to travel the world. During this season, I discovered two big things. 1) Many pregnant woman are terrified to travel due to fears of going into labor away from home. 2) Women are rarely equipped to give birth at any time near their due date outside of a hospital. 

I came up with the idea for OopsieBaby when I heard about a woman going into labor and giving birth on a flight over the Pacific Ocean. The flight attendants had to page for a doctor on board and fortunately there was one and they were able to execute a safe delivery for both mom and baby. But what if there was no medically trained personal on that flight? What if there were no medical supplies on board to help with the delivery and postpartum care of the baby and mom? What if pregnant mamas could have a kit with them at all times just in case they go into labor away from a hospital? I created OopsieBaby for this purpose. A kit designed to have all tools necessary (and then some) to allow an uncomplicated vaginal birth to take place anywhere, with anyone. 

I created this kit for the traveling mom. The mom stuck in traffic who can’t make it off of the freeway before she delivers. The mom who gets snowed in, unable to leave her home in labor. The moms who can’t access medical care due to natural disasters saturating hospitals. To allow all women to be prepared for the unpredictable. Birth is a natural process and there is no reason why a safe, uncomplicated vaginal birth, couldn’t occur outside the walls of a hospital without a trained medical professional if deemed necessary when equipped with the right supplies. 

I am excited to share this kit with you all and to help empower birthing mothers. Women are strong and I am hopeful to equip women to feel prepared for their birthing experiences, wherever they may be. 


- Allie

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